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Monday, September 2, 2013

5 Tips on How to prepare to Quit Smoking and How to obtain your "Taste of Vapor"!

Hello All,
Sorry for not posting for so long but I'd like to announce it's officially been 3 weeks that I have quit smoking! It hasn't been the easiest of things to do but if you are even reading this then somewhere inside you want to quit smoking and this advice will help get you on the right track towards that goal!
Here are the facts, so you can understand How I have gotten to the point I'm at now.  But most importantly if you really want to quit, follow my tips. I can guarantee, that you wont be disappointed with the results.

 With that said for this to work the #1 thing you must do in order to reach the ultimate goal of quitting smoking is being 100% sure that you want to quit if you don't have the willpower stop reading Now.
  1. First off you must be 100% sure you want to quit if you aren't these tips will be useless.  If you don't follow them correctly I can guarantee you that you will fail!!
  2. I'm going to assume you have a Primary Care Doctor (PCP) or Mental Health Doctor (Psychiatrist).  Tell your doctor you want to quit and ask them to prescribe you the Nicotine Transdermal Patch it is cheaper to get it as a prescription from your doctor but you may also purchase the patch at any local Pharmacy without a Prescription as well so having a Doctor write you a prescription is not needed but is definitely recommended if you want to save yourself a little bit of money.  To give you an idea of cost it is around 37.99 for the Step 1 Kit which comes with 14 of the 21 MG patches. my preference is the CVS brand however, each Pharmacies product will do the trick. 
  3. If you smoke 10 cigarettes a more a day start out with the 21 MG patch every 24 Hours for a full month; If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes start out with the 21 MG patch every 24 Hours for 2 weeks then move directly to step 2 as your need for nicotine will not be as high as people who smoke more then 10 or more cigarettes per day.
  4. Invest yourself in a new innovative smoking cessation tool known as the Electronic Cigarette a.k.a. E-Cig. You can get started for as little as 29.99.  Click the link in this tip. Not only is it cheaper than traditional cigarettes, they are rechargeable, affordable, convenient, have no smell or odor, do not require a lighter, or create any ashes.  They can even be smoked in places you no longer can smoke.  Remember the days of smoking inside the bar drinking a beer?  Those days have returned with this great new tool.
  5. With these Essential tools do not purchase a pack of cigarettes and see how long you can go without buying a pack even going a day without buying a pack is an accomplishment!
***Please comment on my blog or contact me if you'd like.  I would like your opinion and input on my advice and see if it can work for someone else.  That's all for today and you have a wonderful week!***

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Smoking tobacco and man made cigarettes? My story on how I decided to enjoy the "Taste of Vapor"

When I first discovered the new way to smoke with the E-Cigarettes I automatically figured out that they cannot tax air(vapor) and Disposable E-Cigs hit the market.  Now there are empires of over 10 liable makers of this form of smoking.  These websites bring in lots of customers including myself however, I am loyal to only one Affiliate, Green Smoke Inc. They have given me a chance to promote their product as well as use it.  To do what I am doing is not very hard with the crutches I have in place!  Currently I am on the 21 MG Patch that you switch every 24 hours.  After using the 21 MG Patch for a month I will move down to the 14 MG Patch for 2 weeks, following with the 7 MG Patch for 2 weeks making this a 2 Month adventure...This is not an easy task!!! 

Anxiety is one of the top complaints made to councilors and mental health teams, it exists.  However some people cause their own anxiety while others will get it from their past experiences, PTSD, etc. Now that it costs middle class citizens more than what you would get for minimum wage($8.50) per hour for a pack of cigarettes(10.24) at Stop and Shop in Boston, Massachusetts.  I live in the great boroughs of Dorchester and if I do my math right
$10.24 - $ 8.50 = $1.74 ****
It cost you more than an hours work to buy a pack of cigarettes!  The taxes here are ridiculous but the use of Mental Health Offices is on the rise.  Doctors are signing prescription after prescription in 15 minute periods for their patients and some doctors work with your problems but have little time to give advice. Therefore the Industry we now know as the Medications, and Drugs are on the rise.
There are many ways that people deal with anxiety and stress.  The use of benzodiazepines Klonopin and Xanax are very useful medications for the people who need the medication to calm their nerves and doctors are expanding across the U.S.. now allowing marijuana to be legal in the states of Washington, and Colorado the U.S. is quickly looking on expanding their income through the prescriptions given to patients. For example patients who have Multiple Sclerosis are prescribed Marijuana! Now for problems such as Anxiety, Stress, and Depression prescriptions are being printed and signed and made more and more.  This influx of people seeking guidance and councilors is becoming more and more common and the Healthcare Industry as a whole is on the rise!!  Dispensaries are being built every day!!

If you focus in your goal to quit you will win that battle!  Focusing on one sole thing allows you to defeat that problem or issue!!  So far my focus has been by using the patch and the Electronic Cigarette flavor Red Label Strong with 2.6% Nicotine by Volume.

Red Label Tobacco™
Bold Tobacco Blend

Red Label Tobacco's robust, bold taste is like the flavor of fine cigarette tobacco. Its bold Virginia taste gives your e-cigarette a unique, enjoyable woody flavor. Available in a variety of nicotine levels.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top 10 ways to Quit Smoking

The following 10 tips can make a huge difference in the long run in every aspect of your life in your quest to quit smoking cigarettes!!
  1. 1. The decision you make to quit smoking is important if you really want to quit you must be 100% sure.
  2. Do not have any type of cigarettes around you period.  Meaning basically just not being around anyone who smokes.  This will only make you ask your friend/person smoking for a cigarette...(When I smoked religiously I didn't like giving out cigarettes so, I try to put myself in the other persons shoes and not ask the person but ultimately it is very hard to say no or not ask.) 
  3. Smoking Cessation tools such as the Electronic Cigarette is a great way to slowly stop smoking altogether!!
  4. If you smoke anywhere from 15 cigarettes or a pack a day, I SUGGEST YOU DEFINATELY get a prescription from your doctor for the patch.  This helps to dramatically drop your need for nicotine or wein down on your smoking habit to a stable level where you no longer need to smoke at all.  The whole patch prescription takes two months to complete.
  5. Complete the patch and make sure to change it every 24 hours, if you don't keep up with this you most likely will turn to smoking cigarettes again.  Quitting is not as easy as following tips from 1-10  YOU MUST BE 100% DEDICATED TO QUITTING HANDS DOWN!!!
  6. My experience has shown me that with the Patch and the Electronic Cigarette, together these tools can ultimately help you truly Quit Smoking Cigarettes altogether.  You can check out the E-Cigarette which I use by clicking this link or going to the following URL ------------------>
  7. If you haven't experienced the "Taste of Vapor" yet, I promise you that you are missing out on a very great new unique innovative Smoking Cessation tool.  This unique tool is very reliable dependable, convenient and gives smokers who are unsure about quitting a unique way to continue smoking however stop smoking tobacco.  Click the link above in Tip #6 and you will find great detailed Information about Green Smoke and the tools and accessories available to you.
  8. Here is a list of just some of the awesome uses that I get out of  the Green Smoke E-Cigarettes.  The E-Cigarette can be charged almost anywhere. With the charger, the Rechargeable E-Cigarette can be plugged into any USB port whether it be plugged into a computer, or smartphone charger plugged into the outlet of your wall.  If it has a female connection for a USB Port it can be connected and charged.  The piece screws into the charge port and when the E-Cig is fully charged there is an indicator light on the top that is usually red when plugged into any power outlet but turns green when the E-Cigarette is fully charged.  By connecting Cartomizers to the E-Cigarette you can then smoke it as you would a normal cigarette however, the smoke or vapor created has no smell and is odorless and you have no worries about ashes or needing a lighter.  I love them because instead of having to go outside every time I need a cigarette I can smoke and not worry about the smell and having to dispose of them.  Instead Green Smoke cartomizers come in 8 different types of flavors that you can choose from each having the Nicotine level of your choice.  They come in Strong(2.4% Nicotine by Volume), Full(1.8% Nicotine by Volume), Light(1.2% Nicotine by Volume), Ultra Light(0.6% Nicotine by Volume), and also come in 0% Cartomizers, your choice!  This way you may go own from each level until you are no longer smoking vapor and nicotine and can have are cartomizer with no nicotine.  This is a great way to slowly lower your need for nicotine.

Friday, August 16, 2013

My First 72 of hours of trying to Quit Smoking Cigarettes and the transition to using E-Cigarettes made by Green Smoke.

Friday, August 16th @ 10 PM EST.
Nicholas Mesh -
Green Smoke Independent Sales Representative
***Click Here to visit the Green Smoke Website***

This has not been an easy process and trying to quit cigarettes is the hardest challenge I've ever tackled.  It's only the most addictive ingredient that humans consume daily.  Statistics show that of the many people who make their so called New Year's Resolution to quit each year, with chants of "This time it's for real, this is my last cigarette I sweat!" or "I'm only going to buy one more pack this is the last one.", Sometimes it feels like the real challenge is being honest with yourself. 

***Here are a few good tips to help any and everyone who is currently quitting, trying to quit, or at least planning on putting it up on their "To Do" Lists in the not to distant future.***
  1. Cold turkey=stopping without any help or relief of any kind, is not the best way to go sometimes when it comes to quitting anything in life especially smoking cigarettes.  Do not try to quit smoking cold turkey, trust me I know because I tried, you will only find yourself with a pack a cigarettes in your pocket by the end of the day smoking one saying to yourself , "I thought I was quitting today...?". 
  2. If you are serious about quitting make sure that you are 100% sure that you want to quit, any doubts or negative thoughts will only make it harder to accomplish.  You must have the will power to quit or you will get nowhere fast.
  3. The way you think and feel completely effects how hard it is to overcome your smoking habit.  If you can keep a positive attitude, take things one day at a time, and focus on the good(positive) things about quitting smoking you will notice a significant difference in controlling your cravings and fighting that constant urge to light up.
  4. Start to try to separate yourself from others around you who smoke cigarettes.  Being around someone else that smokes while you are trying to quit will not help you stop and will most likely lead you to lighting up one that you just bummed from your friend or even worse, buying your own pack.
Quitting smoking is a long and very hard process to try to accomplish but as they say 'Nothing is Impossible.'  So continue to read this blog and hopefully my advice as I try to quit smoking after 9 years now will maybe help someone else.  As long as one person is able to find my experience and advice helpful in trying to quit or lower their smoking I will be happy.

So far after being a cigarette smoker of about 15-20 cigarettes a day after 72 hours I have only smoked about 5 or 6 cigarettes total.  This is because I had help and I advise you to follow the same route as me.  First off I got my doctor to prescribe me a prescription of the Nicotine Patch which is a Transdermal medication that you place on your bare skin and switch every 24 hours.  The whole process takes 2 months but helps alleviate the cravings extremely!! I was surprised at how in only 72 hours I've gone from about a pack a day to about 2 cigarettes a day.  However the patch isn't the only thing helping me.  Although they are not approved for use as a way to quit smoking the knew Electronic Cigarettes also known as E-Cigarettes for short have helped tremendously more so than if I only had the patch to get through the nicotine cravings.  This new innovative smoking tool uses a battery that can be recharged that looks like a cigarette that you attach to what is called a Cartomizer or what looks like the filter part of a normal cigarette.  You puff the E-Cig as you would a normal cigarette and the battery creates a smoke cloud made of water vapor that is inhaled and gives you a small dosage of nicotine and helps you with the addiction of inhaling and exhaling a cigarette.  So far it has been awesome and I have been able to stop smoking real cigarettes for about 4 days now. 
  1. Get yourself a prescription from your Primary Care or Mental Health Doctor ASAP for the patch.  If you smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day start with the 21 MG Patch for the first month, then follow up with the 14 MG Patch for 2 week,s and finally finish off with the 7 MG Patch for the final 2 weeks.
  2. Get yourself an E-Smoke Now!! Don't hesitate to try at least give this new innovation a chance.  I am a Green Smoke User and recommend their product.  Follow the Link Below Green Smoke E-Cigarettes
  3. If you plan on purchasing any of their products which has a 30-day Money back guarantee you can use the following Promotional Codes at checkout courtesy of yours' truly :)   
  • For Purchases that are under $100 dollars get 5% off the total using the code:                 save5-30344 
  • For Purchases that are over $100 dollars get 10% off the total using the code:                save10-30344
Finally if you'd just like to check out the product just follow the link that I listed above and maybe it will interest you!!  All I know is if you plan on becoming an E-Smoker Green Smoke is the way to go!!  That's all for now Thank you and I hope that you follow my advice.  So far it's working for me!!
Nicholas Mesh -
Green Smoke Independent Sales Representative
***Click Here to visit the Green Smoke Website***